Why Buy Online

Mar 03 2003 - 11:55 PM ET | Site News

Why buy your cell phone online? First, consider why you would want to buy it in the store:

1) Get it today
2) Wonderful service, and staff.

When you get your phone online you benefit from:

1) Everyone else's punditry on what's good/bad/ugly on the phone. Not the sugar coated staffer who wants to go home--someone who actually owns the phone.
2) No tax on the phone purchase (usually). Still those FCC taxes on your bill, but you can't escape those.
3) You can compare service plans a lot easier. Usually there is a good search engine.
4) If you buy from Amazon.com via this site, you help keep the server going. We don't want to be pushy, and we don't mind if you never buy anything--but if you do--please get it through our links.

If you're looking for a phone, consider buying it online.