P800 Orders Being Taken

Mar 06 2003 - 09:41 PM ET | Camera, PDA Phone, Sony Ericsson


Sony Ericsson is now taking orders for its new P800. It's probably one of the most anticipated phones of the year and will surely become a hit. The downside is the price--$649.99. For that money you could buy a great phone that's not a PDA, a lot of service and a steno pad. Well, if you don't want to have to write down everything, PDA's are cheap.

We linked to a Mossberg review of the P800 in the Wall Street Journal last week. He thought that the P800 was a great phone and a crappy PDA. But hey, at least it's kind of stylish. One cool feature about the phone is the included camera (they may be crappy pictures, but it's just plain cool).

If you have the money to plunk down, it can be at your door in a mere 4-6 weeks.