Lame Buttons Still A Hit

Mar 13 2003 - 04:07 PM ET | Nokia


Just because Apple is geek chic doesn't mean that everything has to try to be sexy. Try being the key word. Nokia released some new gadgets at CeBIT and well--they aren't the coolest things around. The good news is that they are mostly Bluetooth savvy. Here's the breakdown:

* 6220: A tri-band GSM camera phone. Only available in Europe, Africa and Asia. Look for it in Q3. This is the phone pictured (note the buttons...).

* 3300 : Two different models but with the same model number (can you say "engineer named"?). American model has music/messaging focus: split-QWERTY keypad, instant messaging, MP3, FM stereo - available early fall 2003. European model has a game-pad key layout.

* Nokia Digital Pen: Accessory that transmits sketches and handwritten notes to a phone via Bluetooth, for sending via MMS. If this works, it's making the MobileTracker Most Wanted list.

* Nokia Image Viewer: Connects to a TV or projector - displays images from a phone via Bluetooth.

* Nokia Add-on Lens : Allows 3650 camera phone to take macro shots.

More info from Nokia. Via PhoneScoop.

Update: MobileBurn has a good bit of info on these announcements.