Siemens' New Offerings Coming to USA

Mar 27 2003 - 12:38 AM ET | Bluetooth, Camera, Siemens, Smartphone

siemens_sx1_01.jpgAccording to InfoSync World, US readers won't have to be jealous of Europeans who can purchase the new offering from Siemens (at CeBIT). Look for Siemens to make a lot of ground in the US market over the next 18 months--it's designs are sexy and feature rich.

The SX1 (shown at right) will be available late this year. It's another one of the seemingly endless supply of new phones with crazy button schemes, but other than that seems solid. It's got a 16 bit color screen, PIM applications, video recording and more.

The SL56 is coming as well and packs quite a punch. It's not pinned as a smartphone like the SX1 but still boasts a sliding keypad, POP and IMAP email, and Bluetooth.

The M56 isn't as advanced as its counterparts, but it still sports a color screen and GSM connectivity.