Prank Roundup

Apr 01 2003 - 08:40 PM ET | Miscellaneous

Yesterday we linked to an obvious prank review of a phone from a decade ago. Here are a few more good April Fool's jokes in the wireless arena.

PhoneScoop - There is no permanent URL, so hurry to get there. All stories featured on the main page as of now (8PM EST) are pranks. Some excellent Photoshop work on a mock Nokia as well.

Here's our favorite quote: "Sprint PCS and Hop-On today announced the world's first line of edible cell phones. Based on Hop-On's patented disposable cell-phone technology, the new phones can be used for up to a month, then eaten."

HowardChui - Howard's site is decked out with some low-tech corded phones. No smile shot that Howard's known for though...

Until we sort out what is really coming out and what is really a prank, expect light postings.