Martin Cooper Interview

Apr 08 2003 - 06:04 PM ET | Miscellaneous
MartinCooper.jpgC|NET has posted an excellent Q&A with Martin Cooper--the inventor of the cell phone. You may remember Mr. Cooper from our story from last week when the cell phone turned 30. He's a pretty funny guy for being a scientist and C|NET asked some good questions:
"[C|NET] You ever sent a short text message? Ever sent a picture message?

[Cooper] I use a little bit of data; I do get e-mail messages on my cell phone. That's the extent of it. SMS is too hard to use in the United States. I'm sure there are a lot of applications that would do very well that do have a data capability. But it's too slow to do any of what you would call Internet applications. Even the highly touted next-generation cellulars. You're lucky if you get speeds equal to a dialup. Furthermore, thinking you could watch a movie on a screen that big is kind of silly. "
- C|