Exclusive: P800 to Become Mac Savvy?

Apr 10 2003 - 03:36 PM ET | Sony Ericsson
Apple has just released MacOS X 10.2.5... Not mobile phone news until you look at the release:
"Includes Bluetooth support for Nokia 7650 and P800 phones."
Since Nokia does not make a P800, this makes us believe they are talking about Sony Ericsson's new smartphone. As soon as we have direct confirmation of this, we'll set the record straight. Update: If you own a Mac and have a P800, please let us know what has changed. Send us your results here. Update: Here's what we received from a reader:
"Unless I am wrong it would appear that whilst bluetooth connectivity now works with the P800 and the mac for such things as Address Book I will continue waiting for iCal connectivity."