New Section Launch Party

Apr 24 2003 - 05:15 PM ET | Site News
Today we're officially launching the latest section to All the information we get on phones that we feature will be kept with care over at MobileTracker Phones. Every entry includes a large picture of the phone, our un-biased take, basic specifications, purchase information, and links to reviews. Also, for the first time on MobileTracker, you are able to leave your feedback (we aim for this to be intelligent feedback, thus all non-relating posts will be deleted). You can browse by maker or just peruse the latest additions. When information changes (a phone starts shipping), we'll change the info. You can see links to the latest phones on the left side bar of the site as well. In other news, we have also officially launched our "Reader Specials" section. When we find a killer deal it will be posted to the reader specials section which is viewable on nearly every page of MobileTracker. RSS feeds will come if there is demand--vocalize to if you want to see a feed. As always, your feedback is appreciated. If you've got anything to say (good or bad), please let us know.