Phonecams Being Banned

Jun 16 2003 - 07:28 PM ET | Camera
Xeni Jardin notes over at BoingBoing that Switzerland is banning camera phones on the beach and in public bath rooms. It's not clear how this will be policed, as most phones with built-in camera's don't look much different from those that do not have cameras. Then there are devices like the Zire 71 from Palm that have a camera that is only visible after the case is slid open. Will you have to be searched before going to the bathroom? Let's hope not. It seems like common sense that if someone is pointing a phone's camera at you in the restroom, it's time to take them out. Law or not. This is a growing problem though, so it's good to see some action. Sites like MobileAsses and PhotoCide have shown us that when given a camera, perverts will do as you might think. Note: All news stories covering this topic are non-English. BoingBoing has a rough translation of one. If you find English coverage, please let us know.