Treo 300 for $99

Aug 12 2003 - 11:17 AM ET | Bargain, Handspring
Last week we mentioned that is selling the Treo 270 for $49.99 after rebate. Well the Treo deals keep coming. Handspring just let us know that today marks a new promotion with Sprint--Treo 300's for $99. The device costs $399, and you'll actually pay that. But, Sprint will give you a $300 credit on your bill. Depending on your plan/usage, this may or may not be quicker than a rebate. These are both attempts to clear out the stock before the Treo 600 ships later this year. The highly anticipated device is still slated for an October release, and since the deal with the Treo 300 ends on October 10th, we might have a launch date.