Cell recording old hat?

Sep 04 2003 - 08:25 AM ET | Unique
According to C|Net, DoCoMo is working with Texas Instruments to produce a phone with the built-in ability to record phone calls. Not mentioned in the story is that this is old news--Sony Ericsson T68i's have the same functionality although it's not played up. This may very well be the first time Japan isn't first. If you're a T68i owner and want to start logging calls, here you go. When you're on the phone with someone you want to record, hit the menu key and then 1. Depending on how much stuff you already have in your phone's memory, you can store up to 1879 seconds or about half an hour. You can also play back previously recorded audio clips (such as other calls) by going through the menu and simply hitting play. If you do this while placing a call, the other party will hear the clip too. Update: As many readers have pointed out, lots of phones already have this functionality (including other Sony Ericsson phones such as the T610). The point of the C|Net article is unclear... Now if only US makers could take a hint from DoCoMo and start including in megapixel cameras, we'd be set.