Danger updates HipTop, gains new apps

Nov 06 2003 - 03:54 PM ET | Danger
sidekick_color.jpgDanger has released an OTA (Over the Air) update for its HipTop devices that adds free ringtones and a few new apps. Since the introduction of the developer program in March of this year, Danger has still not allowed developers to actually put their applications on the device (they can only be run on PC based emulators). The lack of 3rd party apps for the popular device is probably the #1 complaint we hear about the HipTop. The new functions are as follows. All are located in a new section called Catalog: * Ringtones - currently they are all free, so we suggest stocking up. * Time Traveler- a world clock with a good number of option. * Calculator - amazing that there wasn't a calculator before, but it's a welcome addition. Included is a tip estimater. * Terminal Monkey - SSH / Telnet client that lets you log into remote servers. Geeks only, but this is going to sell a lot of HipTops. * LED Football - a classic but albeit outdated game The last OTA update we noted was back in September. No new applications were released. Note: The Danger HipTop is currently only marketed as the T-Mobile Sidekick. The company hopes to sign on more carriers in the near future.