Motorola V600 shipping from Cingular

May 07 2004 - 02:09 PM ET | Motorola
motorola_v600_cingular.jpgWhile the Motorola V600 has Bluetooth and a large color screen, it doesn't have a press relations department. We reported in March that it was starting to ship from AT&T Wireless (despite the lack of an announcement by either company). Today we got word that it's moving off of Cingular's shelves as well. Here's the pricing structure: * $349 with a one-year contract * $299 with a two-year contract * $599 with no contract However, there is an online price of $199.99. For all of the prices there is a $50 mail-in rebate, making an online order with a 2-year contract only $149.99. That makes it the best price we've seen for this phone (the former lowest-price was $174.99). The photo was taken by MobileTracker reader Erik Barzeski, who first let us know about Cingular shipping the Motorola V600. Expect a MobileTracker review of the V600 on Monday. Update: Cingular has cancelled the Motorola V600.