Motorola iTunes deal hits snag

Jul 28 2004 - 11:58 PM ET | Apple, Motorola
Motorola's deal to get Apple's iTunes player onto its mobile phones may have hit a snag--data hungry carriers. Since songs would be placed on phones via USB or Bluetooth mobile carriers won't see any money. says analysts believe that operaters will put a stop to this deal and any others like it: bq. "The deal implies that fixed broadband connections are a better way to deliver high quality music downloads than mobile networks," said Ian Fogg, broadband and personal technology analyst at Jupiter Research Europe. "It suggests that operators hoping to profit from music downloads will be bypassed by PC transfer services like this." Since consumers already own songs that they would like on their phone, Apple believes that it makes most sense to not charge them for the privilege. Hopefully the analysts got this one wrong. [via MacMinute]