Handset prices keep falling

Aug 18 2004 - 08:43 PM ET | In The News
A Dow Jones Wire [Subscription only] story notes that while most handset makers see a slight rise in prices for handsets, market share leader Nokia will continue to make cuts that will force prices down across the board. Prices on handsets have fell in each of the last 10 quarters. The average price for a cell phone in 2004 is predicted to be $147, down from $158 in 2003. Analysts expect prices to fall throughout 2005. bq. The five handset makers trailing Nokia Corp. in the mobile-phone market expect prices to rise in the second half after years of declines, but they probably will have to wait longer than that. With their Finnish rival pushing through more price cuts, and all of them trying to grab share in the more-lucrative segments, it may be too soon to expect a general upswing in prices.