Siemens 65 series may cause hearing damage

Aug 26 2004 - 01:09 PM ET | Siemens
Siemens today issued a warning to owners of Siemens 65 product series mobile phones--a bug in the device's software may cause damage to the owners hearing. bq. Because of the software error, if a telephone call is automatically cut off because the battery has run down, the disconnection melody could possibly start to play loudly. In extreme cases, this volume could lead to hearing damage. However, this danger can only arise if the mobile phone is held up directly to the ear while the melody is playing. The affected phones are as follows: C65, CX65, M65, S65 and SL65. Carrier customized varients of these models (CV65, CT65, CXV65 and CXT65) are also affected. Siemens advises that its customers turn off the melody and terminate phone calls as soon as the first low batter signal sounds. Directions to turn off the melody follow below. To deactivate the disconnection melody, the user must first select the “Setup” item in the menu, then “Ringtones,” afterwards “More melodies,” and then the “Shutdown melody” can be deactivated by selecting “Switch off”.