Cingular launches software for vision-impaired users

Sep 16 2004 - 01:51 AM ET | Cingular
According to the AP, Cingular is set to launch software for the Nokia 6620 that will allow easier use by vision-impaired users. The application, which was created under a partnership wtih ScanSoft, is called TALKS. bq. Basic cell phone features that are generally inaccessible to the vision impaired include caller ID, phone settings, call logs, battery warnings, and calendar appointments, as well as creating, maintaining and dialing from a personal contact list.

The TALKS service is designed to handle those tasks, as well text messaging and e-mail, by responding to spoken commands and then responding with a computer-generated voice. The software also can announce when email or text messages arrive, or when calls are missed. TALKS will cost $199, but as part of an introductory offer, Cingular will count the $199 as a credit to your monthly bill (that is if you sign a 2-year contract, 1-year activations get a $99 credit). Update: It's official. Update: The Motorola V505 is now available for business accounts.