Motorola invests in mobile security firm

Sep 28 2004 - 01:48 PM ET | Motorola
Motorola today announced an investment in Bluefire Security Technologies. The money will be used to, "Accelerate the development of its [Bluefire's] Mobile Firewall Plus suite of security applications." The software attempts to secure data on mobile devices: bq. As more and more mobile device owners use their devices to connect to their home, office and Internet, they are becoming increasingly concerned that the data stored could be stolen or compromised. When installed on a device, Bluefire Mobile Firewall Plus offers a solid security foundation, including authenticatio (user password enforcement), encryption (of the data on the device) and an integrated mobile VPN and firewall, without consuming significant processor resources or memory on the device. It was not announced how much Motorola invested, but Bluefire Security Technologies has taken in a total of $20 million in equity financing since 2001 (including the Motorola money).