Nokia: 10 new 3G phones in 2005

Nov 19 2004 - 12:19 PM ET | 3G, Nokia
Jorma Ollila, Nokia's CEO, is on record boasting about Nokia launching 10 new 3G phones in 2005. Earlier this month, Nokia announced it expected to ship 40 new models in 2005, which means 3G will be an impressive 25% of the year's lineup. Here are some other interesting notes from Mr. Ollila's talk: * 90% of all mobile phones in 2005 will have screens with 64K colors or more * 2/3 of Nokia's 2005 lineup will have cameras, the majority being megapixel cameras * About half of Nokia's 2005 lineup will be able to play MP3 files As previously noted, Nokia expects half of its new phones in 2005 to be clamshell models. Many investors blame Nokia's lack of clamshell phones for a recent loss in market share.