T9 predictive text software updated

Nov 22 2004 - 11:49 AM ET | In The News
Tegic Communications has released version 7.2 of its T9 predictive text software that is used on many mobile phones and PDAs. The update focuses on mutli-lingual capabilities, including easier switching between languages and the addition of three new langauges: Bengali, Tamil and Urdu. The software will recognize what language you are typing in and provide the most likely words: bq. It [T9 7.2] quickly recognizes the language a user is typing in and automatically predicts the word in that language the user most likely wants. With T9 7.2 software, users can text concurrently in two languages without having to change their phone settings. T9 Text Input version 7.2 is available now for manufacturers of mobile and electronic devices to license and integrate into upcoming models. Tegic Communications is a wholly owned subsidiary of America Online.