Fastap LG 6190 shipping from Telus

Nov 30 2004 - 02:01 PM ET | LG Mobile Phone
Telus is shipping the world's first commercial Fastap handset, the Fastap LG 6190. Fastap is a unique keyboard layout the combines a typical number based format with a full alpha keyboard (though not in QWERTY format). A deal between Digit Wireless (maker of Fastap) and LG has been in the works since March. Features of the LG 6190 include: * VGA camera with LED flash * Speakerphone with voice dialing * 128 x 160 pixel display with 262K colors Ed. Note: Telus is a Canadian carrier. The LG 6190 is not yet slated for a US debut. Update: Photos of the LG 6190 and Fastap added (click to zoom). More images are located below. hills and valleys.jpg Click on image below to zoom