Report: T-Mobile interested in buying Nextel

Dec 17 2004 - 12:09 PM ET | T-Mobile
Merger rumors never cease--Forbes says that T-Mobile is interested in purchasing Nextel. bq. T-Mobile is a unit of Deutsche Telekom. There are strong reasons why T-Mobile might look seriously at its own bid for Nextel just as Verizon Communications is reported to be looking at Sprint, Banc of America said. "Acquiring Nextel would bring new national spectrum to [T-Mobile], bring an entrée into the Business and Government segment and would give the combined entity a credible shot at unseating Sprint as the leader in wireless wholesaling, potentially securing the big-daddy deals believed to be in the works with the U.S. cable companies." And yes, Forbes knows Sprint signed a contract with Nextel already. According to the Wall Street Journal, any company that breaks the deal between Sprint and Nextel must pay $1 billion for the privilege. Also in merger rumor mania, TheStreet mentions a possible Vodafone / T-Mobile USA deal. It's pure speculation, but an interesting idea.