RIM reports Q3 04 results

Dec 21 2004 - 05:03 PM ET | Research In Motion
Research In Motion (RIM) today announced its 3rd quarter fiscal 2005 results. The company's quarter ended at the end of November. Here are the interesting figures: * $365.9 million in revenue, up 18% from previous quarter and up 138% from the same quarter of last year * Revenue breakdown: 71% for handhelds, 17% for service, 7% for software licences and 5% for other revenue. * Profit of $90.4 million (46 cents a share) compared to $16.33 million (10 cents a share) in the same quarter of last year. * BlackBerry subscribers increased by 387,000 in the quarter to approximately 2,044,000 subscribers. Despite the solid numbers, shares of RIMM [RIMM] are trading down nearly 5% in after hours trading. RIM is still in the heat of a fierce patent court battle with NTP, so investors have more than quarterly reports to worry about.