Nokia releases free 3D Snakes game for N-Gage

Jan 25 2005 - 01:59 PM ET | Nokia
Nokia today launched a 3D version of the verable Snakes for the N-Gage. This is not the average N-Gage title--it's free (a registration is required). N-Gage owners can download the game from starting today. A review of the title is available from All About N-Gage and it is very positive. Of note is a unique feature in the distribution method, according to All About N-Gage, the game can travel virally: bq. Normally with N-Gage games, both players need to have a copy of the game to play a mutliplayer game. That’s true with Snakes, but there’s a menu option called "Send Game." This allows you to bluetooth the entire Snakes game to another N-Gage. Given Snakes is around the 1.4mb mark, it’s (just) possible to have snakes on the internal memory of an N-Gage. And that means no matter where you are, if you have one copy of Snakes you can send it over to someone else.