Vodafone K.K. launches motion, tv phones

Jan 31 2005 - 03:37 AM ET | Vodafone
Vodafone K.K. announced that it plans to launch two new sophisticated 2G mobile phones in the middle of February. The Toshiba V603SH is Japan's first "motion sensitive" handset: bq. The one-chip sensor allows customers to perform menu operations by moving the handset up, down, left or right and call up often-used functions (shortcuts) by moving the handset in a variety of preset patterns. The Toshiba V603T lacks motion sensors, but has a special swivel screen to view TV more easily. Both phones offer analog TV tuners that also capture FM radio signals. Click on thumbnail at right to zoom (Toshiba V603T shown). A photo of the V603SH is available below. Click to zoom