Motorola E725 announced, music phone

Mar 24 2005 - 02:14 AM ET | Motorola
motorola e725Motorola hosted a product introduction party for the brand new E725 Wednesday evening at M3: Miami Music Multimedia. MobileTracker attended and got a first hand look at the phone. Our first take is that because the Motorola E725 comes with a standard 3.5mm mini jack, this will be one of the first usable music phones. Unlike other high profile "music phones" (including the Sony Ericsson W800i), you can plug in your own regular headphones into the E725. Since most users interested in a high-end portable music device have better headphones than a phone maker could hope to ship, this is a very appealing feature. Features of the E725 include: * EV-DO high-speed data * 41MB internal memory plus MiniSD card slot for up to 1GB extra storage for media files * Built in FM transmitter to send music to car or home stereo systems * Stereo speakers * Scroll wheel and slide style design Since the E725 is a CDMA handset, Verizon Wireless and Sprint PCS are both possible carriers. It should ship in the second half of 2005. Read on for our exclusive photo gallery taken Wednesday evening at the lavish event. M3 was first speculated as the launch point for Motorola's first iTunes phones, but that rumor was dispelled recently by Motorola's CEO Ed Zander. Click on each image below to zoom.