Cingular Wireless leads in FCC complaints

Mar 29 2005 - 01:09 AM ET | In The News
Cingular Wireless led in FCC complaints per 100,000 customers according to recently released data published today [paid subscription req.] in the Wall Street Journal. It has been nearly a year since we have published complaint data. Complaints to the FCC against each national carrier per 100,000 customers # Cingular - 4.6 # T-Mobile USA - 4.3 # Sprint - 3.6 # Nextel - 2.3 # Verizon Wireless - 1.4 Verizon Wireless was able to keep the least complained about crown with less than one third the complaints of Cingular. It's not known if the data is new enough to include T-Mobile USA's recent Sidekick trouble.