WSJ tackles wireless reception problems

May 31 2005 - 12:45 AM ET | In The News
The Wall Street Journal has a large piece in today's issue (humorously titled, "Why You Still Can't Hear Me now") on the sometimes unpredictable wireless reception common in the US. The article notes that despite recent spectrum buyouts and mergers, surveys show that reception hasn't improved in recent years. Also mentioned is new technology that aims to fill the gaps between towers: bq. In places where it's more difficult to install cell towers, U.S. wireless companies have been deploying micro-cell sites, or antennas that provide coverage in very local areas... Some carriers also use repeaters -- devices that amplify cellular signals -- to improve indoor coverage in office buildings, shopping malls and convention centers. Earlier this year MobileTracker rode along with a real life Verizon Wireless test man. The report includes a lengthy discussion about wireless reception in the comments section. Ride along with a Verizon Wireless test man.