Landlines still holding out

Jun 02 2005 - 12:28 PM ET | In The News
The Wall Street Journal has a piece today [paid subscription req.] on the rise of mobile phone only households, and how the percentage isn't growing as fast as once thought. The article cites things like wireline services being more reliable since cell networks cannot usually maintain quality during prolonged power outages (like the one in NYC back in 2003). Included in the story is a graph that shows the breakdown of mobile versus wireline customers by age. The 18-24 age demographic leads the way with over half of all wireless-only homes. While the growth hasn't met predictions, it is still rapid: bq. Similarly, Forrester found that if the number of U.S. consumers who had said in a survey they planned to cut their landline had followed through, the total number of wireless-only homes would have doubled last year. In reality, the number of wireless-only homes grew 25%, says the technology research firm in Cambridge, Mass.