Sierra Wireless to kill Voq smartphone

Jun 07 2005 - 10:15 PM ET | Smartphone
Despsite an extensive print advertising campaign, the Sierra Wireless Voq smartphone never sold well. The company today announced that the Voq division will either be sold off or shut down. Wireless modems make up the vast majority (99%) of Sierra Wireless' revenue. The Windows Mobile powered handset sports a flip-out QWERTY keyboard. bq. "We have enjoyed limited success to date on the Voq professional phone and have concluded that continuing to proceed with Voq is no longer the best use of our resources, given our other opportunities. We will now seek the most effective exit, whether by divestiture or by termination of the initiative." - Sierra CEO David Sutcliffe Out of the approximately 319 Sierra Wireless employees, 55 worked on Voq.