Survey: Consumers want in-flight data not voice

Jun 20 2005 - 10:37 AM ET | Data, SMS
According to data gathered by research firm IDC, American flyers would rather use their cell phones for activities other than voice communication. A hot topic because of FCC and FAA regulation, in-flight cellular communication was recently opposed by (of all companies) Cingular Wireless. Many consumers believe that the annoyance of having other passengers on the phone would more than outweigh the convenience. According to the study by IDC: bq. Only 11% of 50,000 respondents indicated that they are in favor of cell phone use for voice calls on planes, whether in unlimited or designated calling areas. However, 64% of respondents approved of passengers using their mobile phones in-flight for activities other than voice calls. Of all wireless activities polled, SMS was the most appealing for in-flight use. United is leading all American airlines in internet connectivity by going ahead with in-flight WiFi technology. Under current plans, the access will be provided by Verizon though at an unknown cost.