Sprint Nextel Corporation details announced

Jun 23 2005 - 11:24 AM ET | Nextel, Sprint Nextel
sprint-nextel-logo.jpgIn a conference call with employees, executives with Sprint PCS and Nextel announced details surrounding the upcoming merger. The new company will be called Sprint Nextel Corporation. The combined company will employ the Nextel name as a product brand within the Sprint service portfolio for services provided on Nextel's iDEN network The new logo, shown at right, is a big departure from the current logo. It combines the colors of Nextel with the pindrop element of Sprint's brand. There is a variation of the logo with the text "Together with Nextel" that will likely be used in advertising. A much larger version of the logo is available below. sprint-nextel-big.gif sprint-together-nextel.gif nextel-sprint-big.gif