New iTunes version hints at mobile phone features

Jun 28 2005 - 05:50 PM ET | Motorola, Rumor
Apple today launched a new version of its popular iTunes music jukebox software (version 4.9) which was advertised to include built-in podcasting support. But behind the scenes it appears Apple has also built-in support for mobile phones. On the Macintosh version of iTunes 4.9 there is a resource file called Localized.rsrc inside the application bundle. That file includes multiple references to mobile phones, including: * "Set up your mobile phone" * "Automatically choose songs for my mobile phone. iTunes will automatically fill your mobile phone with a random selection of songs from your library. You may fill your mobile phone with a different selection of songs by pressing Autofill in the mobile phone playlist." * "Configure phone preferences" Motorola is due to announce a mobile phone with a version of iTunes included, though the date is up to widespread speculation. A French newspaper recently noted that the device would be launched on July 4th, but due to that date being a Federal holiday it seems unlikely. Analysts believe that Cingular will carry the upcoming phone. [via MacShrine]