Samsung develops sectional LCD

Jun 29 2005 - 02:11 AM ET | Samsung, Unique
Samsung announced a new type of LCD that could extend the battery life of mobile phones. The new type of screen has a section that will remain always on, but at a much lower power consumption: bq. The new mobile display includes a 1.15-inch indicator window that operates on a mere 0.45 milliwatts, instead of the 3 milliwatts prevalent today. The ultra-low power consumption allows the indicator window to continuously display the time and date as well as various icons that show the status of the battery, antenna, waiting email and other functions, when the phone enters standby mode. The indicator window will be tweaked for displaying this type of data, with an especially large contrast ratio (500:1) and viewing angle (160 degrees). The new technology should come to phones starting in the third quarter of this year.