T-Mobile preps Samsung e635, x495 and more

Jul 29 2005 - 06:14 PM ET | Samsung, T-Mobile
According to an image circulating around message boards, T-Mobile USA is getting ready to launch several new phones in August. The current T-Mobile line-up has not been updated significantly in quite some time. The new models are: * Samsung e635 - Slider design with a camera * Samsung x495 - An update to the x475 that adds speakerphone and new styling. * Nokia 6101 - One of the rare flip phones from Nokia, In related news, T-Mobile has removed the Motorola A630 from its website. The phone known for its unique QWERTY keyboard design (the phone flipped open to reveal a larger screen and the keyboard) was supposed to make it on Cingular as well, but never did.