LeapFrog prepares TicTalk phone for kids

Aug 04 2005 - 03:49 PM ET | In The News
ticktalk.jpgEducational company LeapFrog has announced plans to launch a mobile phone called that TicTalk that will be marketed for children ages six and up. LeapFrog will supply branding, the actual device is made by Enfora. The TicTalk joins a few other models (most recetly the Firefly) in the race to capture kids' pockets. Like the FireFly, the TicTalk is not a fully featured handsets--calls are limited to a set of numbers provided by the parent. Service is pre-paid in chunks of 100 minutes for $25. It hasn't been announced what carrier will be powering the handset, but it will be GSM (making Cingular the likely choice). However, the phone does feature a speakerphone and some education programs designed by LeapFrog. The TicTalk will be available online starting this month and will make its way to retailers starting this fall in time for the holiday sales season.