Motorola E790 approved by FCC, possible iTunes phone

Aug 22 2005 - 04:30 PM ET | Motorola
The FCC has approved the Motorola E790 which is one of the upcoming handsets that is rumored to include iTunes. Unlike the upcoming series of Motorola music phones that will use the ROKR branding, the E790 is based off the popular E398. Features of the Motorola E970 appear to include: * Quad-band GSM * micro SD card slot * Bluetooth * Dedicated music control key The manual (as seen at right) confirms that iTunes will be on board this handset. It is not known however if this will be the first phone with iTunes to ship, this is just the first to be approved. A photo of the E790 is available below. [via PhoneArena] motorola-e790-fcc.jpg Motorola secretively showed off a ROKR handset at the annual analyst meeting last month in Chicago. A spy shot taken from the audience is available in our MOTONOW report.