Google launches personalized home for mobiles

Jan 12 2006 - 03:26 PM ET | Backpage

Google today launched a mobile version of its homepage personalization feature. For quite some time desktop users could customize the Google homepage to make it more of a portal (like Yahoo) than just a search box. As of today you can sign into the personalized homepage from your phone and all of your chosen content modules will appear.

If you don't already have content set up for a personalized homepage, you need to do that from a desktop computer first. The mobile version only allows you to see what you have set up from a computer.

Google Personalized Home provides at-a-glance access to information such as Gmail, customized news headlines, local weather, stock updates, hand-picked RSS feeds and more. Information is optimized for the smaller screens and slower bandwidth of most mobile devices and is presented in a format that reduces the need to click multiple links.