Vizrea Snap launches at DEMO

Feb 07 2006 - 11:18 AM ET | Camera, Review, Staff Picks

vizrea logoVizrea Snap was introduced this morning at the DEMO conference. The service attempts to simplify sharing photos and video from mobile phones. MobileTracker caught a sneak peek of Vizrea Snap last week and was impressed with the simplicity. Currently the phone software is only compatible with Nokia S60 handsets, but there is a Java version in the works that should boost compatibility.

Our quick preview review is available below.

After taking a photo or video you are prompted to either upload or edit and upload. Editing lets you add some metadata along with your photo, upload just sends it as is. The file goes to the web and (if it's turned on) your PC. Within a second it will show up inside the Vizrea Snap desktop application.

The desktop application is where a lot of the magic happens, in it you can manage media almost like in iPhoto or Picassa. You can also set up sharing permissions and allow your friends to view certain content. What's really cool is if you're a Vizrea Snap user you can view shared material from the web, on your PC or even right on your phone.

You can sign up and start using Vizrea Snap today. It's free but there will also be a paid pro version coming out shortly.