Yahoo! Go Mobile to launch with Cingular

Feb 22 2006 - 03:10 PM ET | Backpage, Cingular, Nokia

Yahoo and Cingular have launched Yahoo! Go Mobile on the Nokia 6682. The software integrates S60 phones (but in the future more models) with Yahoo! services.

Specifically, Yahoo! Go Mobile will connect email, messaging, address books, and calendar. An interesting wrinkle is that if a customer loses their phone, they can easily repopulate their replacement phone with their personal information from the web or via syncing.

Consumers can purchase the Yahoo! Go Mobile preloaded onto a Nokia 6682 in Austin, Tx; Columbus, Oh; and Los Angeles, Ca from select Cingular stores.

Yahoo! Go Mobile Details:

Yahoo! Messenger

  • Send and receive messages, including voice clips, emoticons and Audibles, a first for a mobile device
  • Set presence information to show your friends and family when you are available to chat, and view presence information to know when they are online too
  • Take and send pictures in an active conversation via camera phone integration

Yahoo! Mail

  • Easily manage messages through the device's messaging inbox
  • Receive real-time notification of new e-mails
  • Store new messages locally on the device to allow for offline access

Yahoo! Search (local, web and image)

  • Find information about local businesses from restaurants to dry cleaners across the United States including business name, address, phone number, ratings and a full-color map with driving directions
  • Quickly access full Internet search, including popular search shortcuts such as wi-fi hotspot finder, weather, stock quotes, movie listings, sports scores, dictionary definitions and calculator
  • Search for and view more than 1.6 billion images

Yahoo! Photos

  • Automatically upload photos to a Yahoo! Photos account
  • View and manage all albums saved in Yahoo! Photos
  • Easy download of photos from albums directly to the mobile device

Yahoo! Address Book

  • Enter and manage contact details in a single connected address book that merges the Yahoo! and device address books to help prevent loss of contact information
  • Access, edit or delete existing contacts or create new contacts

Yahoo! Calendar

  • Manage calendar events through a single connected calendar, which merges the Yahoo! and device built-in calendar and to-do lists
  • View, edit or change existing events or add new appointments

Yahoo! News, Sports, Finance and Games

  • Access the latest news, sports scores, stock tickers, financial updates and more through a direct connection to Yahoo!'s Mobile Portal
  • Find and play the latest mobile games