AirPlay to tie mobiles into TV shows

Mar 20 2006 - 02:08 PM ET | Unique

San Francisco-based AirPlay is set to launch a line of mobile games that will tie into live television broadcasts. While big US networks have been slow to adopt mobile participation (about the only exception is that Fox uses SMS voting for American Idol), AirPlay will attempt to boot strap it. Because it can't control the content, it will pit players against each other:

AirPlay expects to launch its first content category -- AirPlay Sports -- in conjunction with the start of the professional and college football seasons this Fall. The AirPlay Sports experience will allow players to make live game and play predictions from their mobile phones and -- like popular fantasy sports -- compete directly amongst groups of friends for rewards and recognition.

Besides sports, the company plans to market games for awards shows and reality TV. AirPlay was founded by a former president of TiVo, so the company is no stranger to TV. Qualcomm is an investor along with Redpoint Ventures.