Verizon Wireless ships ExpressCard style EV-DO card

Aug 03 2006 - 11:25 AM ET | 3G, Data, Verizon Wireless

vzw_v640_expresscard.jpgVerizon Wireless has started to ship the Novatel Wireless V640 ExpressCard/34. Previously the company only sold data cards in the older PCMCIA format and owners of notebooks with the new ExpressCard slot were out of luck. The card is available now and will be in retail stores starting August 24. It retails for $179.99/$229.99 with a two or one year service agreement respectively.

Nearly half the size of standard PC Cards, Novatel Wireless' V640 is a compact and convenient product for mobile notebook users, featuring plug-n- play so that the ExpressCard can be plugged in or removed at any time. In addition, the V640 ExpressCard has an advanced dual-band diversity design that incorporates an external flip antenna, maximizing data speed performance and allowing for stronger network signal reception.