BlackBerry security exploit released to public

Aug 14 2006 - 03:29 PM ET | Research In Motion, Security

A security consultant who made a presentation about insecurities of the BlackBerry platform at an annual hacking conference has released his code to the public. Dubbed 'BlackBerry Attack Toolkit' the software demonstrates how code on a BlackBerry could theoretically pose a security risk to internal corporate networks. The hack makes a BlackBerry act as a proxy server between internal LAN servers and an attacker controlled computer on the internet.

At least one mobile security firm has already jumped aboard and has software out claiming to fix most of the holes used by the BBProxy tool that's a part of the BlackBerry Attack Toolkit. SMobile's VirusGuard for BlackBerry retails for $29.99. So far mobile security firms have had a tough sell for anti-virus software because there has been no widely circulated mobile malware.