Ryanair announces in-air mobile support

Aug 30 2006 - 01:12 PM ET | Unique

European discount airline Ryanair has announced it will offer an in-flight mobile network for its passengers. Upgrades to its 737 jets will start in mid-2007 and continue through 2008. The company plans to provide Mobile OnAir service in all of its 200-plus aircraft.

Since Ryanair will control the network, passengers will have to pay a roaming fee which has not yet been announced. While base fares on Ryanair are extremely cheap, the company is well known for charging extra for value added services to increase its revenue per passenger.

OnAir’s solution allows mobile phone operators to charge passengers using Mobile OnAir at rates in line with current international roaming charges on passengers’ normal monthly bills. Ryanair will receive a commission from OnAir on call revenues generated by passengers on board its aircraft.

Calls, text messaging and email will all be supported.