Revver does deal with Verizon Wireless

Nov 29 2006 - 02:03 PM ET | Verizon Wireless

Riding YouTube's coat tails, video sharing website Revver announced today that it has also made a distribution deal with Verizon Wireless. Revver is most well known for sharing its revenue with its content creators. In this case Verizon Wireless will pay Revver for the videos and Revver will split the cash 50/50 with the creators.

V CAST subscribers will have access to some of the most popular content from a variety of Revver’s video creators chosen from categories on, such as Editor’s Picks, Viral Video Classics, Extreme Sports, Laughs, Animation, and Cute Overdose. Revver will provide new video clips each week to V CAST, and content will be refreshed twice a week.

Unlike the YouTube deal, Verizon Wireless will have an exclusive with Revver for at least some time. YouTube is already talking to more carriers and it would not be surprising to hear about new deals in the coming weeks.