Sprint updates on WiMAX buildout

Jan 09 2007 - 11:46 AM ET | 3G, Data, Sprint Nextel

Sprint Nextel has updated investors on its plan to build a 4G WiMAX mobile data network. The first coverage areas will be Chicago and Washington D.C. and the network should reach over 100 million people by the end of 2008. Nokia is a key supplier for network hardware. Motorola, Samsung and LG have all agreed to build compatible devices.

Sprint Nextel intends to launch Mobile WiMAX broadband services in initial markets by year-end 2007 with a larger roll-out encompassing at least 100 million people by year-end 2008. "We enter 2007, the year of our history-making WiMAX service launch, as the broadband mobility leader," remarked Barry West, president, 4G Mobile Broadband. "Our next generation network plans have catalyzed the industry, and momentum behind our mobility vision grows with increasing technology adoption."

Speed wise the WiMAX network should be comparable to DSL and cable modems. Sprint has previously hinted at trying to market the technology as a replacement for in-home internet access.