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We offer two ways to stay more connected to MobileTracker:


This is a great way to stay up to date and you can use either your mobile device or regular email service. We offer two email lists:

  1. Executive Alerts - for professionals wanting to stay on the bleeding edge. When major news breaks, our editors send out an email containing the facts you need to stay on top. This service works great when sent to a mobile device like a Treo or BlackBerry.
  2. News Summary - for anyone wanting to be regularly sent mobile news. Emails go out weekly and contain links to the latest MobileTracker stories. If you keep trying to get back to the site, this is the perfect reminder. These type of emails work best in a regular email environment.


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RSS is a XML standard that lets comptuer programs notify you when a website updates. All that means is that RSS makes it easy to know when we've posted something new. RSS readers are available for most any operating system and many mobile devices. Here's a little background on the technology, but don't be tricked into thinking it's complex.

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