Bluetooth Headset Costs

Mar 03 2003 - 01:37 PM ET | Bluetooth

If you've snagged a cool Bluetooth phone, it's time to get a nifty wireless headset. The downside of being on the bleeding edge is the cost. For some reason Bluetooth headsets are expensive. Here's the playing field:

Jabra FreeSpeak Bluetooth Headset - $89.99
SonyEricsson Bluetooth Handsfree Headset - $179.99
Plantronics M1000 Bluetooth Headset - $71.99

Obviously, the quality between the headsets must vary. I am supposed to be getting the Jabra in for review, and hopefully the Sony Ericsson one. The problem with all of these devices is that they all need to be charged. In this day and age, who wants one more charger?