Intra Ear Telepathic Phone

Apr 05 2003 - 09:05 PM ET | Miscellaneous

If that headline didn't get your attention you must have misread it. Martin Cooper, the inventor of the cell phone (it recently turned 30) is dreaming about the day when hand sets are gone.

"Cooper's dream telephone is so small that it fits behind his ear, automatically dials out when he thinks about calling someone and it notifies him of incoming calls with a tickle instead of a ring." - Reuters

We see a few problems here...

1) How will Snake be played in the future?
2) Will the PDA come back in fashion or will we just have to remember our schedules?
3) How will New York City piss off owners of these handset-less phones? Pass an ordinance that you must use a handset but cannot use it while breathing?