DoCoMo's New Flash Enabled Phone

Apr 08 2003 - 10:57 AM ET | Camera, DoCoMo
D505i.jpgNTT DoCoMo has announced details on its latest phone, the D505i. The phone (pictured at right) boasts a very impressive feature set: Macromedia Flash browser for rich content, 200K Scratchpad (double the previous amount) and a megapixel camera. The Flash browser is especially interesting. It's not quite clear yet whether the Flash is used more for the menu's and built in content for the phone or for downloaded content, but both situations are breakthroughs in their own right. We've gotten word from NTT DoCoMo that this phone (and the whole 505i series) will become their top-model, ousting the aging 504i series. For more information on the camera, please see our posts from today and last week.